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Mudra Meditation

Mudra MeditationAUMAUJAYA AADISAHASRA PARISAMSTHAAN(AAP) introducing  AUMAUJAYA Mudra-Meditation in the world to see each and every human being as an Enlightened Individaual.This Mudra Shastra was very much popular in ancient RISHI DHARMA PEETAS which they  used to teach to the students in the GURUKULAS(Ashram Schools) by the GURUS.

From the very beginning of this globe enlightened individuals(Great Masters) like Krishna, Buddha, Sreerama, Mahaveera, Osho etc used individual mudras. They have founded out their own uniqueness by the blessings of their GURUS. Like that each and every human being will have the uniqueness. To find one person's uniqueness they need GURUS Presence. When a person come across through a right Master then the door of the wisdom will open.      

Mudra (Posture) is nothing but which awakens his/her own Soul consciousness. It liberates them from this mundane world and allows them to enter into the kingdom of LOVE and WISDOM. In this meditation Mudra (Posture), Direction, Asana, Mantra (Sound), Time is given to the students. According to that when they practice meditation it will help them to realize and experience their own soul consciousness. Mudras which are given to the students are very unique. (These Mudras are given by studying their Date of birth, Time and Place of birth). It helps the individuals extraordinarily.

Aadi Parabrahma Sadhguru Jaimahavibhoshri has discovered thousands of mudras to enlighten each and every human being. For the last 18 years his workshops are held in different places of India. Thousands of followers getting inspired by his techniques.




  1.      It improves potentiality (Body, Mind, and Soul)
  2.      Develops great Peace, Relaxation, Happiness and health.
  3.      Gives successful life
  4.      Creates great balance between inner and outer.
  5.      Helps to realize and experience the soul power
  6.      Enlightens the human being.

 By Mudra Meditation you can activate and expand the energy centers within you by doing meditation. The more you do meditation, the more energetic you become. Meditation gives the utmost divine energy. The divine energy makes you stand as the winner. That is why, do meditation and emerge as the energetic person. You will attain the perception of experiencing the supreme soul within you through the meditation. You can step into the life of wisdom by going beyond your mind if you live in present, forgetting the past and the future. You can enter into the Universe of the silence through the meditation. You will come up with the great ideas when you are in silence. You will gain the energy to achieve the great things. Silence gives you the physical health and the mental peace. You can perceive the higher purpose (Paramaardham) of the meditation when you go beyond the silence. The man is beyond the time. He is living this life only in the deep sleep. He can live the life fully and perfectly if he lives beyond the time even when he is in the wakefulness. You can not experience your inner being as long as you don’t do meditation and even you can not live your life. The process of doing meditation :-

  1. Sit in a silent place. Observe your thought. The thoughts will come and go. Be a witness to the thoughts, without identifying with them.
  2. Find out the gap between the two thoughts, slowly and patently, and observe the gap silently.
  3. Then, observe your breath attentively.
  4. Feel the coolness or the warmth of your breath.
  5. Observe the changes in the inhalation and the exhalation.
  6. Keep the total wait of your body on the spinal card and sit comfortably, observing the entire body.
  7. After some time, open your eyes slowly. Say Aumaujaya three times, wiping your face with your palms.
This is called the natural meditation. You will get the vision of the God if you practice this mediation regularly without fail. It is said that the non desired person can not become the liberated person. In the same way, the non- mediator can not become the real man. ……………………..Auamujaya