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Aumaujaya Dhyanachaitanya Vihara Yatra



This is Dhyanachaitanya Vihara Yatra (A workshop in the forest) which is conducted in the beautiful forest areas by the beloved Master Jaimahavibhoshri Once in three months.

In this mundane world man has totally lost connection with nature. He has become totally dependent on the artificial relief. A Workshop in the forest is a very good opportunity for everyone to spent time with nature in the presence of the beloved Satguru Jaimahavibhoshri. Jaimahavibhosri reveals so many forgotten and hidden secrets of the nature. And teaches the art of living in communion with nature.

Thousands of his followers have already experienced the bliss of Jaimahavibhoshri in this Workshop in forest. 

In this workshop meditation techniques are given to practice, secrets of the existence, many more things will be taught to the people.

In this workshop conducted in forest people can experience the divinity, wisdom, truth and great transformation.

Aumaujaya Aadisahasra Parisamsthaan provides boarding and lodging for all the attendants.