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IAUYSA Freedom Ride Cycle Ride on 15th Aug 2021

Saluting the nation and its freedom fighters on the 75th Independence day, youth organization IAUYSA(International Aumaujaya United Youngstars Association) has marked the event by holding a Freedom ride-cycle rally and highlighting #FIT INDIA and creating awareness on the importance of being fit in today's era. The Freedom ride-cycle rally lead by the core team of IAUYSA has witnessed the participation of Youngsters from both the Telugu states, sporting tricolour themed T-shirts.

A 100 member cycling enthusiast participated in the 15Km rally in Hi-tech city & Gachibowli passing through IKEA, bio-diversity park and financial district. The entire IAUYSA team was involved in instilling patriotic fervour amongst all the participants.

Shri Nagesh Reddy COO, SMART IMS who is the chief guest, flagged off the rally from Hyderabad Bicycle club. Speaking to the participants and media he said " It gives me immense joy to be able to flag off such an inspiring event organised by the IAUYSA team to instil patriotism and also bring in awareness of #FIT INDIA in today's youth. Healthy and fit living is the essence of life"

While embarking on the importance of the day, IAUYSA has also organised a free Food Distribution at Jawahar Nagar later in the day.

I Aumaujaya United Young Stars Association (IAUYSA) is a non-profit youth organization established in 2012, founded for the cultivation of courage, confidence, individuality, intelligence and human values in the youth.

In the words of the founder himself, SP MAESTRO:
Be a leader to achieve the world
Be a Scientist to achieve the nature
Be a Master to achieve the life

Aumaujayaa News

Singer Mono Vist to Pragnana Kshetra 1
January 06, 2022 179

Singer Mano visited Aumaujaya Pragnana Kshetram

in News
Famous Singer Mano visited Aumaujaya Pragnana Kshetram on 5th January 2022. located in the outskirts of Village Venkatapur of Yellareddy Peta Mandal. On the eve of New Year, Mano visited Pragnana Kshetram for seeking blessings from SriPrabhuji. He performed… Read More
SriPrabhuji Pournami Jatara Utsavaalu 5
Dec 20, 2021 81

Calendar and Dairy launched by SriPrabhuji

in News
Beloved SriPrabhuji launched Wall Calendar, Pocket Calendar and Dairy of 2022. Read More
SriPrabhuji Pournami Jatara Utsavaalu 2
Dec 19, 2021 57

SriPrabhuji Pournami Jatara Utsavaalu

in News
Devotees celebrated Pournami Jaatara Utsavaalu from 19.12.2021 evening 04:00 pm to 20.12.2021 morning 06:00 am at Aumaujaya Pragnana Kshetram, Venkatapur, Yellareddy Peta, Rajanna Sirsilla. All devotees attended the festival with traditional attires. Below Programs are conducted by devotees with… Read More
Jaimahavibhoshri's Birthday Celebrations
Dec 04, 2021 90

Free Food Distribution at Hyderabad on Jaimahavibhoshri's Birthday

in News
The birthday celebration of our beloved Parama Poojya Jaimahavibhoshri is a major event in the organization. Jaimahavibhoshri 's birthday is grandly celebrated in various cities across India. Free Food Distribution at PEWMENCAP (Parents Association for the Welfare of Mentally Handicaped Persons),… Read More
Jaimahavibhoshri's BD Celebrations 03.12.2021
Dec 04, 2021 113

Free Food Distribution at Kaikaluru on Jaimahavibhoshri's Birthday

in News
Free Food Distribution at Kaikaluru on the occasion of Jaimahavibhoshri's BirthDay. Kaikaluru seva Samithi distributed free food on 03.12.2021 on the occasion of Jaimahavibhoshri's BirthDay. Read More
Birth Day Celebrations on 03.12.2021
Dec 04, 2021 91

Free Food Distribution at Kurnool on Jaimahavibhoshri's Birthday

in News
Free Food Distribution at Kurnool on the occasion of Jaimahavibhoshri's BirthDay. Kaikaluru seva Samithi distributed free food on 03.12.2021 on the occasion of Jaimahavibhoshri's BirthDay. Read More
BirthDay Celebrations of Jaimahavibhoshri on 03.12.2021
Dec 04, 2021 80

Free Fruit Distribution at Sirsilla on the occasion of Jaimahavibhoshri's Birthday

in News
Free Food Distribution at SIrsilla on the occasion of Jaimahavibhoshri's BirthDay. Sirsilla seva Samithi distributed free food on 03.12.2021 on the occasion of Jaimahavibhoshri's BirthDay. Read More
Free Medical Camp on 02.12.2021
Dec 04, 2021 77

Free Medical Camp at Hyderabad on the occasion of Jaimahavibhoshri's Birthday

in News
Free Food Distribution at Kaikaluru on the occasion of Jaimahavibhoshri's BirthDay. Kaikaluru seva Samithi distributed free food on 03.12.2021 on the occasion of Jaimahavibhoshri's BirthDay. Read More
IAUYSA Freedom Ride Cycle Ride on 15th Aug 2021
Aug 15, 2021 437

Freedom Ride Cycle Rally by IAUYSA Team on 15th August 2021

in News
Saluting the nation and its freedom fighters on the 75th Independence day, youth organization IAUYSA(International Aumaujaya United Youngstars Association) has marked the event by holding a Freedom ride-cycle rally and highlighting #FIT INDIA and creating awareness on the importance of being fit in… Read More
IAUYSA Poster Launch 11
Aug 01, 2021 465

Sabitha Indra Reddy launched IAUYSA Lead the future session - 7 Poster on Emotional Intelligence

in News
Our honourable education minister of Telangana, Smt Patlolla Sabitha Indra Reddy, released the poster of IAUYSA Lead the future session-7 on Emotional Intelligence will be conducted by SP Maestro on 8th August 2021. In a short speech, she addressed the IAUYSA team with motivational support. Sabitha… Read More
food distribution 1
Jul 25, 2021 503

Aumaujaya Social welfare activities on the eve of Gurupurnima @ Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

in News
Aumauajaya Gurupourima Celebrations 2021 has went on very well by the grace of our beloved Master Jai MahavibhoShri On the Eve of Gurpournima Sevasamithis and Bhakthomaujayas from various centres have orgnaised free food distribution campaigns. Shree Bahvathi Kshetram, Godhumakunta, Keesara &… Read More
SP Maestro on Family Relationships
Jul 13, 2021 761

Mudra to Strengthen Family Relationships

in Discourses
What Mudras and Meditation will do? Meditations and Mudras give us peace of mind, knowledge, understanding, balance and equality. It will motivate us to understand and bestows the awareness to rejoicing in total. When we put… Read More
Jul 13, 2021 310

Free Food Distribution for needy during pandemic at Gadwal,Telangana

in News
As part of ongoing social service activities under the guidance of NamoSreeGuru a noble cause to help the needy Free Food and Tea distribution was gievn to poor during pandamic at Ravulapally, Gadwal District, Telangana by dear devotees Neelima, Anil and Family . Read More
Jul 10, 2021 282

Free Stationery Distribution to Underprivileged children

in News
Team I AUYSA have distributed basic stationary such as notebooks, pencils, erasers, pens, color boxes, Geometry boxes etc. to underprivileged children in the memory of our past working president Mr. Sreenivas Chary Garu on his death anniversary. He was a True Gentlemen and Inspiration to all of us… Read More
Jul 07, 2021 247

Free Santizers, Masks, Fruits and Protien Powder Distribution to Pregnant Woman in Andhra Pradesh

in News
The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment team from OM Namostu Kshetram Kaikalrur distributed free sanitisers, masks, fruits and protein powder to pregnant women under the women empowerment programme. The team also included a Gynaecologist who educated the pregnant women about COVID safety protocols to… Read More
Jul 06, 2021 295

Distribution of Hand Sanitizers, Face Masks to Frontline Warriors & Students

in News
Team IAUYSA has been conducting various social welfare activities rigorously at various places. The team has distributed masks and sanitizers to students at OU campus and to Frontline Warriors the to help them perform their duties without fear of spread of COVID-19 in Hyderabad. Read More
Jun 13, 2021 246

IAUYSA 9th Anniversary Celebration with SP Maestro

in News
IAUYSA 9th anniversary celebrations was a grand success with huge participation. As the session was conducted on 12th June over zoom, the program was very interactive with public participation. Our beloved Master SP Maestro's speech was very influential which got a positive response. We are very… Read More
Jun 03, 2021 329

IAUYSA 9th Anniversary Celebrations

in News
With the intent of creating a successful path to the youth, his holiness SP Maestro has started a youth wing called IAUYSA - International Aumaujaya United Young Stars Association 9 years back. It has been a wonderful journey so far. SP Maestro has shown a successful path to thousands of youth by… Read More
Jaimahavibhoshri 01
Jul 24, 2018 2287

Why we should celebrate Guru Pournami ?

in Discourses
Guru Pournami is the most auspicious day where the Guru will hold your hand and will take the responsibility to destinate you to the eternal destination. He does not have a chance to escape by putting your responsibility on your shoulders and to make you liable for your sings on this day. On this… Read More
Aumaujaya Forgiveness Day Dec 31st 2017 Jaimahavibhoshri 24
Jan 17, 2018 3228

Forgiveness Day Celebrations on 31st Dec 2017

in News
The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment grandly celebrated the Forgiveness Day celebrations at the land of eternal bliss, Aumaujaya Oorjeeshaa Nilayam (Pragnana Kshetram), Venkatapur, Rajanna Siricilla Dist., Telangana. Man, whose sole purpose of landing on this planet is to get enlightenment. But… Read More
Aumaujaya Dec 3rd Medical Camp 01
Jan 13, 2018 4038

Social Welfare Activities in Adilabad and Karimnagar Dists, Telangana

in News
The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment celebrated Parama Poojya Jaimahavibhoshri's Birthday at various places of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra States. Medical camp at Venkatapur, Rajanna Sirsilla Organisation conducted free medical camp at Venkatapur Village. ZPTC Member Thota Agayya,… Read More
Aumaujaya Dec 3rd Celebrations Medical Camp Kaikaluru 01
Jan 13, 2018 3176

Aumaujaya Birthday Celebrations Kaikaluru-2017

in News
Medical camp on 3 rd December at Kaikaluru: On the occasion of the enlightened day celebrations of beloved Master, His Excellency Jaimahavibhoshri OM NAMOSTHUTHE KSHETRAM(One of the branches of The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment at Kaikaluru, Andhra Pradesh) organised Free Medical camp at… Read More
Aumaujaya Dec 3rd Birthday celebrations Medical Camp Vampuguda 2
Jan 12, 2018 3106

Aumaujaya Social Welfare Activities on 3rd and 4th Dec 2017 at Hyderabad

in News
The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment celebrated the Birthday of our beloved Sadhguru Parama Poojya, Jaimahavibhoshri. On the eve of Jaimahavibhoshri's Birthday, the organisation conducted various social activities. Free Medical Camp was conducted on December 3rd at Vampuguda Community Hall from… Read More
Feeding gomatha 04
Sep 09, 2017 3531

Fruits Distribution to Goshamahal, Hyderabad

in News
The cow is the holy animal which is worshipped and revered by the Hindus. To spread the awareness about the importance of the Holy Cow, Bhaktomaujayas of The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment, Hyderabad visited Goshamahals on 8th September 2017 at Ambedkar Nagar, Keesara, Medchal and Kushaiguda,… Read More
AVMS 4th Anniversary Nizamabad (11)
Aug 05, 2017 3587

AVMS 4th Anniversary Celebrations at Nizamabad

in News
The Celebrating Path of enlightenment grandly celebrated the 4th anniversary of AVMS(Aumaujaya Vishwa Mahila SevaSamithi) - (A Lady of New Generation) at Sharvya Gardens, Nizamabad, Telangana to celebrate the success so far. Women who are the source of the universe are being dominated in the world… Read More
Aumaujaya Free Medical Camp July 29th 2017 Nizamabad 03
Aug 01, 2017 2619

Free Medical Camp at Borgaon, Nizamabad on 29th July 2017

in News
The free medical camp was conducted on 29th, July 2017 at Government Primary School, Borgaon, Nizamabad. The medical camp was inaugurated by honourable Village Sarpanch, Saidulu and MPTC Subhash. The patients were treated by experienced doctors, Dr Kaivalya and Dr Advaitha along with the… Read More
GuruPournami 2017 12
Jul 22, 2017 2894

Guru Pournami Celebrations 2017 at Mahabubnagar

in News
The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment grandly celebrated the Guru Purnima at Mahabubnagar, Telangana on 9th July 2017 evening. This year the people of Mahabubnagar were blessed with the presence of Jaimahavibhoshri on Guru Pournami. The celebrations started with a rally conducted by the… Read More
Medical Camp Mahabubnagar 04.07.2017 02
Jul 16, 2017 2685

Free Medical Camps at Mahabubnagar on 4th July 2017

in News
After the successful free medical camp which was conducted last month, The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment conducted the free medical camp again at Mahabubnagar on 4th July 2017. This time the medical camp was conducted at Moti Nagar Government school. Honourable Counselor Basha inaugurated the… Read More
Medical Camp Mahabubnagar 04.07.2017 02
Jul 16, 2017 2834

Free Medical Camp at Mahabubnagar on 8th June 2017

in News
With the noble intent of serving the humanity, The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment conducted free medical camp at Govt School, Veerannapet, Mahabubnagar on 8th June 2017. The camp was inaugurated grandly by honourable Municipal Vice president Ramulu & Counselor Shivaraj. Dr Kaivalya and Dr… Read More
International Yoga Day 5
Jun 18, 2017 2874

International Yoga day Celebrations at Mumbai

in News
Aumaujaya Oorjeeshaa Nilayam, Mumbai (AON) is celebrating the International Yoga day. The Yoga sessions will be conducted from 19th to 24th June at Pepsi Ground, Gorai 2, Mumbai. Many yoga postures and mudras will be taught in these sessions. Our ancient Rushis have given us so many spiritual… Read More
May Day 01052017
May 09, 2017 3310

Social Service Event on May 1st (Maharashtra Day )

in News
With the Blessings of the beloved Master Jaimahavibhoshri, Aumaujaya Oorjeeshaa Nilayam (AON), Mumbai has distributed food packets to everyone on the occasion of Maharashtra Day and May Day. The event started at 06:15 pm and ended at 8:30 pm. Food packets were served at Aumaujaya Oorjeeshaa Nilayam… Read More
We AUYSA Social services april Water Camp 1
Apr 27, 2017 2793

Drinking water Stall at Jubilee Bus Stand, Hyderabad

in News
WE AUYSA Team has put up a drinking water stall at Jubilee Bus Stand, Hyderabad. They have participated actively and served many people with cool drinking water. Please find below the glimpse of the event below: Read More
sadguru enlightens you
Apr 25, 2017 3624

Only Sadguru tries to enlighten you beyond him

in Discourses
Just do service and see, the goodness will strengthen within you.Just donate for good cause and see, the humanity will strength within you.Just attend the Sadguru's Divine Satsang and see, the divinity will increase within you.Just do Divine Campaign and see, the divinity will raise within you. By… Read More
Jaimahavibhoshri 01
Apr 22, 2017 3476

Emptiness: The Place where Sadguru Resides

in Discourses
If you drill a well, water will come out. Similarly, if we dig the emptiness the Sadguru will come into your life. If you just go on seeing the emptiness, you will get the Dharshan of Sadguru. Like how digging a well will give you water is the truth, similarly, if you dig the emptiness, getting the… Read More
Aumaujaya We AUYSA free water camp 4
Apr 20, 2017 3023

Weauysa-Social Welfare Activities

in News
With the blessings of our beloved master Jaimahavibhoshri. We AUYSA - Aumaujaya United Young Stars Association teamed up with young spirits to extend their hand in various social activities for consecutive 3 days in the month of April. Day 1: April 8th, 2017 at RTC X Road, Hyderabad: The activities… Read More
Jaimahavibhoshri 1
Apr 13, 2017 3759

A conscious person do not require any degree

in Discourses
Every movement in our life is very precious. In two ways it can be used. One for consciousness and the second one is to remove the darkness from you. You have to make one step to remove darkness from you and the another step to welcome the light into your life. If you have the determination that… Read More
Apr 01, 2017 2329

Aumaujayaa Trust formation Day & Holi Celebrations @ Mumbai

in News
The Event started With Aumaujayaa Meditation and Prayer to get the DIVINE BLESSINGS Of our BELOVED MASTER JAIMAHAVIBHOSHRI . Later began with all the Bhakthomaujaya's coming joyously to the ashram and took up kitchen work; from washing vessels to cleaning & cutting vegetables and spices in a bid of… Read More
Aumaujaya 161116
Nov 16, 2016 3264

You are the writer, director and guide to your life

in Discourses
I may leave anything but not you. I may forget anything but not you. I will not leave you, even if I leave myself. I will not leave you, even if you leave me. Radha used to say to Krishan out of ecstasy of Love. I may forget anything, but I will never forget you. I may leave everything, but I will… Read More
Vasudaika Kutumbam
Oct 16, 2016 3192

We should all put our efforts to attain the ‘Vasudaika Kutumbam.'

in Discourses
On the way of achieving the goal of knowing about yourself and travelling beyond, you should travel beyond the two i.e spiritual and physical life. Do not involve completely either in spirituality or physical life. Choose the balanced path, balanced vision, balanced philosophy and balanced walk.… Read More
Dealing with your strengths and weaknesses Aumaujaya
Oct 02, 2016 3139

Dealing with your strengths and weaknesses

in Discourses
Destroy your weaknesses then and there. Try to enhance your strengths always then and there. If anyone tries to install impurity or pollution in you, then don’t allow them. Don’t welcome the poisonous thoughts, beliefs, opinions, business angles, political activities and abusing. If someone tells… Read More
ADCY Basara 1
Sep 25, 2016 2544

ADCY Workshop at Basara

in News
Aumaujaya Dhyaana Chaitanya Vihaara Yatra conducted by our beloved Sadhguru Aadhi Parabrahma Jaimahavibhoshri on Aadhipara Sri Vidhya at Basara, Mudhole(M), Adilabad(D), Telangana. Please find below few pics of the workshop. Read More
Pournima Satsang 16 09 2016 4
Sep 18, 2016 3476

Pournami Satsang on 16th September 2016

in News
Aadhi Parabrahma Sadhguru Jaimahavibhoshri conducted the Pournami Satsang at Divya Gardens, Nirmal on 16th September 2016. More than 1000 people attended the Satsang and made it a grand success. Please find below few pics of the event. Read More
AUYSA Sep 11 2016 16
Sep 18, 2016 2413

weAUYSA Workshop on 11th September 2016

in News
weAUYSA(Aumaujaya United Young Stars Association) conducted monthly workshop at Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad on 11th September 2016 by Grand Master Jaimahavibhoshri. Hundreds of youth attended the program and made it a grand success. Please find below the pics of the program. Read More
Sept 04 2016 1
Sep 18, 2016 2465

AVMS Workshop on 4th September 2016

in News
AVMS(Aumaujaya Vishwa Mahila Sevasamith) Workshop was conduct at Hyderabad by Aadhi Parabrahma Sadhguru Jaimahavibhoshri. Please find below few movements of the event. Read More
Jaimahavibhoshri 7
Sep 05, 2016 3332

You have very limited time in your life

in Discourses
The man is spending most of his youth being imprudent, which is the most unfortunate thing. If it is for the country, or for nature or the world or for the human welfare, if it is spent for all these, then there will be some meaning to the life. If he feels that he will live for the entire world,… Read More
Jaimahavibhoshri 6
Sep 04, 2016 3252

Paramaathma says that I will give you opportunities unless you are tired

in Discourses
The movements which you spend in front of the Sadhguru are real and the remaining time is just futile. If you see correctly, you will understand the time which you spend in this world is just for the desires only. Do you know, If the circle of the desire is ended, it gives birth to the other… Read More
Jaimahavibhoshri 4
Aug 31, 2016 3768

The Situation has come to God to incarnate in your form

in Discourses
The Situation has come to God to incarnate in your form. You will complete half of the life by the time when you get an understanding of the love and compassion of God. God has given the power to live in this world, the power to live in the situations here, the energy to withstand all the problems… Read More
Jaimahavibhoshri There is no weakness in the blood of the Indians
Aug 27, 2016 2575

There is no weakness in the blood of the Indians

in Discourses
There is no weakness in the blood of the Indians The nature of the Indian is not to surrender for trivial problems. Indians have a nature to see any trouble, loss, and all the small problems very small. Even if great natural calamities come, they will see them as small. The capacity of our… Read More
Aug 22, 2016 3103

Motivational Class for Students at Mumbai

in News
Motivational class was conducted on 22.08.2016 at Acharya Narendra Dev Vidhya Mandir, Borivali(W) , Mumbai. Sriparamoji explained about the importance of meditation and yoga to students. Students performed yoga under the supervision of Sriparamoji. After the yoga session he gave them Mudra… Read More
IMG 2370
Aug 21, 2016 2691

Rakhi Pournami Celebrations

in News
This time, Rakhi Pournami celebrations were grandly celebrated on 18th Aug 2016 at Aumaujayaa Oorjisha Nilayam, Sirsilla. Under the full moonlight, in the presence of the nature and mainly at the lotus feet of our beloved master, this has to be experienced, it is difficult to articulate. This full… Read More
Aug 17, 2016 2605

AUYSA WorkShop on 14.08.2016

in News
Aumaujaya United Young Starts Association(weAUYSA) monthly workshop was conducted on 14.08.2016 at Aashiparabrahma Sadhguru Jaimahavibhoshri at Ganesh Function Halll, Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad. Please find below the event pics Read More
Aug 17, 2016 2601

AVMS Anniversary Celebrations

in News
Aumaujaya Vishwa Mahila Seva Samithi celebrated its 3rd anniversary on 14th August 2016. Shakti Peeta Abhishekam was done by devotees from 12:00 noon to 12:30 pm. After the Abishekam Satsang was conducted by Aadhiparabrahma Sadhguru Jaimahavibhoshri from 12:00 noon to 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm. Please… Read More
Aug 06, 2016 3024

Free Books Distribution at Vampuguda Government School

in News
As part of regular social welfare activities, The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment has freely distributed basic educational needs to underprivileged students at the Vampuguda Government School on 05th Augest 2016 , Kapra, Hyderabad. The trustees and devotees participated the event and distributed… Read More
Jul 30, 2016 2823

Highlights of Aumaujaya Dynamic step with Guru Satsang - 25.07.2016

in Discourses
Highlights of Aumaujaya Dynamic step with Guru Satsang - 25.07.2016 God is always with you. God always guides you. To listen to God you must be with your body, you must have patience in your heart, you must have acceptance in your mind. Whatever you accept it becomes positive. So accept everything.… Read More
Swayambuhu Aadiparabrahma Jaimahavibhoshri
Jul 30, 2016 3512

Wish for any desire which satisfies all your desires

in Discourses
Wish for any desire which satisfies all your desires The graveyard is nothing but a desire. If you say I have a handful of desires, and if you say that you have plenty of wishes, that means you are a debt to the graveyard. That means you have to visit this planet again and again. All these desires… Read More
True Master Jaimahavibhoshri
Jul 24, 2016 3662

How to find a True Master

in Discourses
How to identify the true master, this is the million dollar question of every spiritual aspirant. Aadhi Parabrahama Sadhguru Jaimahavbhoshri beautifully explained in one of the Satsang as follows. When you settle the Sadhguru, his idol and his name in your heart and chant and visualise by sitting,… Read More
Jul 23, 2016 2775

Remove selfishness and egotism

in Discourses
Remove selfishness and egotism Remove selfishness and egotism. “Divide and Rule” is the quotation of egotism. The quotation of the selfishness is not to unite the divided one again. Egotism says to divide and rule. Selfishness says that if you distribute it, you never allow joining it again. It is… Read More
Aadiparabrahma Sadhguru Jaimahavibhoshri
Jul 16, 2016 2833

Live like a King not as a beggar

in Discourses
The treasure of the human life is coming from some crores of Yugas, it has gurus or Vedas succession. God is giving this treasure in one or the other form. Paramaatma never left the human being ignorant. He never left the human being to live foolishly. He never told you to walk in the darkness. He… Read More
Aadhiparabrahma Sadguru Jaimahavibhoshri
Jul 16, 2016 2898

The one who does well for you is the messenger of God

in Discourses
Many people ask me that what the proof of trust is. To get the trust what are the evidence? I say that anything which gives strength to the good within you is trust and it is the God. God may come in any form, he may come as the rain from the clouds or as a light from the sun, he may come as the… Read More
Jul 15, 2016 3565

No one can harm Haindava Dharma

in Discourses
As you know, many weddings happened in maaga maasa (months between January and February), about 3 lakh couples tied knots, let us first congratulate those married couples. Still, we did not lose our faith in God, and even we did not lose faith in our traditions and cultures. We did not lose faith… Read More
Medical Camp at Adilabad
Jul 12, 2016 2420

Free Medical Camp at Adilabad on 11.07.2016

in News
Free medical camp was conducted by trust on 11.07.2016 at Padmashali Sangam hall, Shanti Nagar, Adilabad. The event got outstanding response from the people. The camp was inaugurated by municipal chairperson Rangineni Manisha. Manisha applauded the organizers for conducting medical camp. Latter… Read More
Social_Service_Orphanage_Mumbai on 09.07.2016
Jul 10, 2016 2609

Grocery distribution to Orphanage at Mumbai on 09.07.2016

in News
Aumaujaya Oorjeesha Nilayam(AON), Mumbai has distributed Grocery to Orphanage , Kandivali west, Mumbai, India. The event was supported by Bhaktomaujaya's, Mumbai. Read More
Medical Camp Kaikaluru at 09.07.2016
Jul 10, 2016 2805

Social Welfare Activities Organized by Trust (TCET) on the eve of Gurupournima.

in News
Aumaujayaa, Free Medical Camp was organized by the Trust On 09-July-`16 at Kaikalour, Krishna District,Andhra Pradesh, India. The Event was inaugurated By Sri.Maganti Babu( Member Of Parliament). People from different places attended the medical camp and diagnosed by the Doctors to treat the… Read More
Aumaujayaa , MEDICAL CAMP
Jul 02, 2016 3018

MEDICAL CAMP organized by TCET

in News
Aumaujayaa , MEDICAL CAMP organized by TCET at sircilla on 30- June -16 by the divine BLESSINGS of beloved master Jaimahavibhoshri. Nearly 500 people availed the services given by the trust ..May Aumaujayaa bless you all.. Published the event in various Telugu news papers Read More
Jul 02, 2016 2838

Aumaujaya Anugraha Yagnam

in News
Aumaujaya ANUGRAHA YAGNA conducted on 26 June at "AUMAUJAYA OORJEESHA NILAYAM " ,Venakatapoor Village,Yellareddypet Mdl, Karimanagar Dist, Telangana. People attended from various places to get the Divine Blessings of beloved Master Aumaujayaa.. After Yagna Food And Prashad distributed among the… Read More
Jun 06, 2016 4247

WE AUYSA Selfie Contest

in News
On the occasion of completing 3 years on 12th June 2016 WE AUYSA – Aumaujayaa United Young Starts Association is conducting Selfie contest on facebook. Many youngsters are participating in the event by uploading their selfies. Participation and likes count will end on 12th noon. Association will be… Read More
Jun 05, 2016 4521

Maharashtra Day(May 1st ) Celebrations at Mumbai

in News
Aumaujaya Oorjeesha Nilayam, Mumbai celebrated the Maharashtra Day on May 1st at Mumbai Aashram. Free meals was provided to all the laborours. Gorai-1 corporator Smt. Sandhya Vipul Doshi, Gorai-2 Corporator Sri.Shivanand Shetty and Shiva Sena leader Raghunath Tambeker of Gorai inaugurated the… Read More
May 25, 2015 3324

Aumaujaya Service

in Discourses
Every man has his own destiny. Without destiny, nothing is there on this existence. To reach your own destiny, god has given five ways to you. These five ways are the true paths of life which guide and enlighten you as perfect as life. At the same time, God has given you freedom, liberty and choice… Read More
Aug 17, 2013 3132

Man is Back to the Nature

in Discourses
Man is Back to the Nature Man today is living the life of object for the subjective world, when the man starts receiving and realizing himself what is truly inside, that day the true human being will be started on the globe.But today man has lost his soul, lost his essence of life and lost himself… Read More
May 14, 2013 4825


in Discourses
Selfishness The presence of Selfishness is the absence of fear. So be selfish. If you are selfish, you won’t be afraid of anything. If you are not selfish, you will be afraid of everything. Selfishness means looking at your own self, having an eye only on your goal, focusing, and concentrating only… Read More
Apr 29, 2013 4451

Time Management

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Time Management Without Ego there is nothing in your life. With ego also there is nothing in your life. If you have more ego, you become a Hitler who suicides himself. If you have no ego, you become a beggar. But the ego what I am speaking about here, is entirely different from that. A man gets… Read More
Jai Mahavibhoshri
Feb 23, 2013 4726

Masters Messsage on the GURU

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Humanity will flourish within you if think for a while not for you but for your fellow citizens. If you live only for your sake, you will become brute. You will become God if you live for the sake of all human beings. You will become a truthful person and a divine being if you see your benefit in… Read More
Nov 22, 2012 4728

What is initiation?

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What is initiation? The true art of living is initiation. To be initiated is, to be the self-realization. If you live moment to moment consciously, on the path of awareness, in the situation of celebration, as playfully as you are, then your life will become a sat-chit-… Read More
Nov 07, 2012 5519

How do I know myself ?

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To be living in the present is to be blessed. When you are not, then you are. In the world everything is up and down. Man proposes something, but God blesses with something else. To live the right life, we need to knock the door of meditation. Any one, who does meditation, will have to put… Read More
Nov 06, 2012 5833

Is dreaming helpful

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Is dreaming helpful? To be dreamed is to be freed. Only dreams help to the man to be enlightened. No one helps us in the universe as dreams help to us. But, there is a science of dream. Dreams are not disturbance to your sleep. They are protective and helpful to sleep. They are saving your health… Read More
Parama Sadguru Jaimahavibhoshri
Nov 06, 2012 5452

Be a witness unto yourself

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Be a witness unto yourself To be a strange unto yourself is to be enlightened. Man has forgotten totally how to live the life tuning with the nature as intensively as possible. Either man always lives in the past or in the future. That creates separation from the nature. The nature always lives in… Read More
Sep 17, 2012 7970


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This is Dhyanachaitanya Vihara Yatra (A workshop in the forest) which is conducted in the beautiful forest areas by the beloved Master Jaimahavibhoshri Once in three months. In this mundane world man has totally lost connection with nature. He has become totally dependent on the artificial relief.… Read More
Full Moon Day Satsung
Sep 17, 2012 7481

Full Moon Day Satsang

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World means mind, mind means world. There is no difference between the world and mind. Without mind there is no world at all and without world there is no mind at all. There is a meeting point between the world and the mind that is called as a time. So our whole life is nothing but the time if we… Read More
Sep 17, 2012 7242

Thursday Satsang

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This Satsang (Program) is conducted at Hyderabad center by beloved Master Jaimahavibhoshri on every Thursday evening 6.30pm to 8.20pm. Discourse and different kinds of meditations are taught to enlighten the people. People come from the long distances to attend this satsang and get the blessings of… Read More
His Holiness Jaimahavibhoshri
Sep 02, 2012 14019

About Jaimahavibhoshri

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His holiness Jaimahavibhoshri was born on 3rd December in Telangana, India. We call him out of love as Mahavibhoshri ( The Great Beloved Master ). Mahavibhoshri is born enlightened one and is the ultimate peak of supreme consciousness in beyondness to beyondness. There is no other beyondness to his… Read More