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What is initiation?

The true art of living is initiation. To be initiated is, to be the self-realization. If you live  moment to moment consciously, on the path of awareness, in the situation of celebration, as playfully as you are, then your life will become a sat-chit- ananda-shivam-sundaram(Truthfulness- consciousness- Bliss – Godliness – Beauty). The initiated one is the graced one. Initiation means a love affair with oneself.  initiation gives the life of beyond supreme eternal.

  Man lives the life of unconsciousness. He is living honestly in the direction of unconsciousness. He is addicted to the sleeping, mechanical,  and artificial life. He is totally forgotten himself in the deep forest of attachments and sexual life. He does not know himself. Not only that he never tries even to know about him. There is great fear in every one to know oneself and to be alone in one self. He gets fear to live with himself. To day, Man is asleep. He does not understand himself and he listens none. He has become expert in the life of pretending. He himself has become a victim to the unconscious and luxurious life. Initiation means to have communion with one, who is enlightened. The enlightened one is the invitation to your being. He is your very center of being. Unless you are in deep intimate affection with him, who is self realized, it is impossible to you to come out of the webbing wheel of mind.  Mind is nothing but the world of dream. Mind is the art of deception. The mind is potential and capable even to dream that it is out of sleep. That is the whole game of all philosophers. All knowledgeable and philosophers think that they are sentient beings; awakened ones; and they are out of the sleep. The world of dream is the world of miracle. in any dream, you cannot know that it is a dream. You can only know that it was a dream when you awakened. That is why; the dream consoles the man that he is out of sleep. The drama of mind always   misleads the humanity, even though the man is still not ready to be free from that independent jail life. Man is an independent, political, and imprisoned animal. Man is a strange animal ever seen on the earth. He is dreaming inside and closing himself to the outward worldly life.  When his senses open to the outward world, then the positive form of dreaming and thinking will continue inside. Some time he is dreaming awake and some time he is dreaming asleep. However, the continuity of the dream is there. You have given a great colorful name to it. Just close your eyes now. You can be again in a daydream. Some time you are in the night dream. Sometime you are in the daydream. However, a small difference is there. When you are towards the outside world, you are aware of everything. But your awareness is with the dreaming mind. Your attention is added to the dreaming mind, but inside the dream continues.  Because of the dream, you are not seeing the truthful life. You are seeing only your projected life. You are imposing your knowledge and the known on reality and living the life of untruth.                                  

The last day one person came to me and asked me, “Why we are not living the life that you are living?” I replied “because of your dreaming to become somebody, you never see the truth. Just stop dreaming to become somebody and be yourself. Then you will realize that you are the truth”. The dreaming mind creates the world of ego. It creates its own world around you, which is not real. That is why every sentient being says that we are living the life of Maya (illusion). Because of the ego, the world of illusion is existed. To attain the melody of initiation there are five steps to be remembered.   The First Step; - consciously frustrate the world to enlighten the mystery of life.    Frustrating consciously about world is the first step towards enlightenment. The life has already happened. You cannot do anything about the life. You cannot change the life.  You can do only one thing that is awakening yourself and freeing from the world. The world is in your hand but the life is not. Of course, it appears that it is in your hand. It is your dream itself. You are the master to the world. If you are conscious every moment of the life, then The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment doors will open unto you.  That is the only light to enlighten the path of perfection of life. The day you are born, the unconsciousness life has ended. The half journey has completed in the womb itself, in the world of darkness. The other half journey is in your hand. That is your life and freedom. You can do something. Other wise, you will miss that life. That depends on you. That is the conscious. If you do not do something to live the life consciously, you will not get the admission into the school of wisdom. If you frustrate not the world consciously, then there is every possibility that you may not be able to unfold the mystery of life. The fear disappears from your life when you start you journey frustrating consciously about the world. The conscious frustration about the world brings the light into your life. That will make you free from freedom. It gives the eyes to enlighten the life and gives the death to the fear of unknown able. Until your fear disappears from your being, you will not attain the path of self – realization. Fear disappears only through living the life consciously moment to moment. To be frustrated consciously about the world is, to be crystallized the life.   Second Step: be here and now to be everywhere. Being here and now is The Celebrating Path of Enlightenment. The path of God is always here and now, but man is searching and seeking God either in the past or in the future.

The man has forgotten totally that the life is here and now. You cannot live the life in the past or in the future. Many people live in the memory. However, the truth is available only in the present. Where mind enters, there the world of past and future begins.  Where heart begins, there the life of present enlightens. The mind is always either in the past or in the future. The heart is always here and now. The mind always destroys the heart. If you are addicted to mind, by and by, you will completely forget that you have the heart. Here means beyond the space. Now means beyond the time. When you live the life of here and now, then you will meet the deathless life (the life of ecstasy). God is never available in the mind. God is available only in the heart.  The heart flowers through remembering.  If you lose yourself into the mind, you will become mad. If you are lost into the heart, you will become God. Being here and now is the beginning of God. To be here and now is to be God.  To be here and now is to be in the kingdom of love.   The Third Step:-Listen to everything and be yourself to transform your poisons into nectar. Every one is living the life of poison. They are not aware of the truthful life. They are living the life of dream and belief. They are not educated towards the conscious life, but they are educated towards the money and ego life.  They are completely intoxicated in the meaningless things. They are totally forgotten the life of truth. They have become experts in calculating everything and living the life of cleverness.   Their blindness is colored by the modernity and culture. They are approaching the life logically to experience the life, but they do not question themselves first. They never argue with their ego. They rather protect their ego they put the argument in front of truth. The logic is needed to the life just like the salt in the curry. Not more than that. The logic is the childish game. It is helpful only to the children to grow and mature. The more you are logical, the more immature you are. The more you are beyond the logic, the more mysterious man you are. To be mystery unto yourself is, to be the perfection of life. To be logical is, to be limited. Because the logic is below, it never goes beyond the mind. It is your servant. You are more than the logic. The logic needs only to the blind man, not to the self – realized one. That's why their life is very much poisoned. The poisons are: hate, jealousy, anger, laziness, negligence, postponement, possessiveness, identifications and ego. A thousand and one poisons are surrounded your life. The life is a very delicate thing. Here you need the creativity not the logic.  The more intelligent you are, the more creative you will become. The more knowledgeable you are, the more logical man you will become. So, how can you survive with these poisons? They are simply fooling you in scientific way. One judge said, “The legal ignorance is always rewarded by the world, but the illegal intelligence is always punched. The world never accepts anything except its ego.”  

The people have forgotten totally their heart missing themselves in the deep forest of ultra modern world. They have completely forgotten the heart moving into the mind. That is why your beautiful and melodious journey has become bitter to day. The life is the ladder between the world and god. The ladder is always a two-way thing. You can go up .That is the path of nectar. There you will reach God. It is the heaven of life. Not only that you can come down. That is the way of poison. If poisons are in your life, then the ladder will bring you down. There you will reach the world that is the hell of life. The vertical path where you can go up, is giving the life of ecstasy. The horizontal path where you can come down, is giving the life of madness.    To live beyond the duality, you need a great transformation. That transformation gives the light when you become a light unto yourself. There is only one miraculous master key. That is patience. It is the hand of blessings, the fortunate life. The patience transforms every poison into the nectar. That is the beauty of patience. Patience is the greatest secret key, which opens the doors of mystery of life. For example, when anger, tension, and fear (the poisonous things) come into your being, you should not do anything. Just sit silently and witness it, neither do favor nor do against. Don’t cooperate.  Don’t repress, or suppress it. Just watch as a witness. Then you will see a miracle. There a new life takes birth which is all potential and meaningful. You will come to experience new rising of brighten life.  You will encounter the life of quality and value.   The energy is same. It is your choice using the energy either in right direction or wrong direction. If you use it in wrong direction, it will make your life as the life of poison and hell. If you use it in right direction, you will attain the life of perfection and heaven. Never be hurry. Have patience. Then you will transform all negativity into the positive life. When you know all your moods, all climates, all directions, and all possibilities, then you will find the secrets of life.  Patience transforms all negativity into honey.  Just act when you are negative. Do not force yourself for anything at all. Wait for positivity to come on its own. Whatever comes on its own, it is beyond you .Do not forget that. Whatever comes by your force, it is below to you, that is why I say unto you, “When you wait with patience, the desert becomes the heaven; the poison turns into the nectar”.    

The Fourth Step:-Keep the negative in yourself to transform your being and share the positive with others to transform the world.    To day the world is totally stupid. They have changed everything into the business and politics. Their life has become a market place. They are not living the life of quality.  They are rather living the life of money and profit. They are naturally sharing the negativity. They do not share the positive. Man is really worst. He is doing business with life. He is not taking food.  He is rather taking sin making this earth as hell by his egoistic activates and stupid developments. Day by day, he is moving into the world of decorated hell.   When you share the positive, the positive life of energy you will get. The more you share the positive, the more you will have that. The less you share, the less you will have. Whatever you share, God gives you that unlimitedly. That is why, be in the first row to share what you have then the more brighten life you will attain. The sharing is the true service where God comes to share with you. God is not in the temple. He is in the life of sharing.  Learn always from the existence how it is sharing unconditionally. Only service makes your life meaningful. The more you serve, the more perfection you have. The life alone is blind. Service gives it eyes. Service gives it understanding and education.  Service is the only true education to the life. It is blessings of God. To serve others means be one with the Nature and communion with yourself. Sharing makes your life always new. When you share something, immediately the door of satisfaction will open unto you. Sharing gives you the integrity of life.   Service makes you rich and represent of God.  Service is the true path of life and sharing is the true journey of life. Once your life is both the sharing and serving, then you will become a guest to God; then your life is no longer a burden of hell; then your life becomes a celebration of love on the path towards realizing the mysteries of universe. When death comes, it makes you empty. But after the death, you will have only that which you have shared and served. Even the death becomes a beggar in front of you when you have shared yourself completely. Only service is the true art of living. That is why, share every thing. Never hoard anything. Sharing is the true virtue. Hoarding is the sin.   If you cannot find anyone, share it with nature. That makes your heart honey. Hoarding makes your life poison. The true sharing means you will never bother weather the person is responding to you or not; even you will not wait for thanks.  You will rather feel gratefulness to the person who allowed you to share and serve something with him. Sharing is true spiritual. It is the greatest act in the universe.    Ego separates the world and transforms heaven into hell.  Love communes the world and transforms hell into heaven.  Ego makes you the founder of this and that.  Love makes you as the quality of life.  Service gives the life of happiness and satisfaction.  Sharing gives the life of fulfillment and peace. I say unto you in one word, “Blessed are the shared and served ones. For them , this world is the kingdom of love.”   When negative is there, just by witnessing and watching, transform it as the beauty of existence. Your witnessing transforms all poisons into the nectar. Whenever you are surrounded by the negative energy, transform it by meditation and satsang. Meditation is the true key, which opens the doors of communion with God.   The Fifth Step:- Always be a stranger unto yourself, to be a light unto the universe.    This fifth step is the door to the initiation. Here you will be enlightened all the mysteries of universe.  Initiation is the door of mystery where everything enlightens on it's own by your presence. Initiation is the experience able education of perfect and unending journey. The unending divine journey begins with initiation only. Initiation is the first step towards the ultimate freedom of life.  Initiation is the pilgrimage into the world of deathless. Being initiated you will incarnate yourself as you are as supreme divine. The true taste of life begins only with the initiation. Your life takes the new and colorful journey through initiation. To be initiated is, to be sacred.  There is no more sacred thing in the universe than the initiated one. By initiation, you will become a future of universe. By initiation, you will become a door of mystery of existence. By initiation, you will become a wonder to the universe. To be initiated is, to be miracle. There is no other greater miracle in the universe than to be initiated. Initiation is everything; it includes everything. Initiation makes you God unto yourself. You will become the beauty of existence. That which cannot be said, can be heard by initiation. That which cannot be written, can be experienced by initiation. That which cannot be attained, can be incarnated by initiation. That which is not two is initiation. Where freedom begins, that is initiation. Where god exists, that is initiation.    

You will find God by loving and living the life of initiation. Where sorrow does not exist and has no life at all, that is initiation. Only in initiation, all burdens disappear. The center of burden is ego and death. Both will be disappeared by the initiation. The center of the burden is destroyed by initiation.  Initiation makes you nobody, where you become everybody of life. Initiation makes you the light to reach the greatest peak of universe. Living rightly is possible only by initiation. The grace of the Master makes you aware of Sat Chit Ananda (godliness and beautiful life). He allows not the world to live in you, but allows you to live the world. That is the first glimpse of God. Initiation is the bridge between you and truth. To experience the new life moment to moment, just feel the Master. The feeling of Master gives the life of ecstasy. To transform the whole existence into a friend towards you is initiation. The woman starts her initiation life with love and ends with meditation. The man starts his initiation life with meditation and end with love. They are the true balance of existence. That is the perfection of initiation. Initiation is the salvation of life. To be playful with the life is to be initiated. Education fulfills your body and mind’s needs of life. Initiation fulfills the needs of heart and soul of life.  Where mind ends, there initiation begins. Initiation is not for the mind – oriented people. Initiation is only for the heart – oriented people.    The beautiful journey of Sat Chit Ananda (the let – go) begins with initiation. The living enlightened Master is needed to you to attain the fulfillment of initiation. The true life begins in the living Master's presence. You start tasting  God through  initiation. By initiation, you will become the fragrance of love.      Initiation means bowing down unto oneself disappearing in the Master’s being and taking the birth as devotee. With out initiation, life becomes the meaningless journey. Therefore, initiation makes you land, where endless meaningful life begins. When you are not initiated, then you have to go for everything. If you are initiated, then everything will come to you.


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