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Aumaujaya Service

Every man has his own destiny. Without destiny, nothing is there on this existence. To reach your own destiny, god has given five ways to you. These five ways are the true paths of life which guide and enlighten you as perfect as life. At the same time, God has given you freedom, liberty and choice to choose your own way according to your nature, ability, interest, love, liking and philosophy of life. God has given freedom. That means, He has given you the responsibilities to live your life as you wish. God has given liberty. That means, He has given you a discipline to live your life as you live. God has given choice. That means, He has given you a challenge to awaken yourself as perfect as time. From the very beginning of this creation, no man has found exactly what life is. Out of this confusion, inability, and great failure effort, Several Philosophies, Sciences, religions, dogmas, cults, and societies have born. Whatever is there today in the world as the guidance of life is nothing but a failure of success. Today we are going to discuss and enlighten the true paths of life. There are five ways to awaken into yourself and to be enlightened.

  1. The earth - Service
  2. The water – donation (contribution)
  3. The Fire – Meditation
  4. The Wind – Satsang (communion with Master)
  5. The sky – Dharma (Spreading love, right awareness, religiousness,, truth).

To be with the nature is to be enlightened. The more you are close to Nature, The more you flower as a human being. The less you are close to Nature, The more you will be flowered as an artificial life. The Earth says, “Live with your instinctive nature”. It means you should trust yourself and remember yourself moment to moment to experience your flowering reality. Moment to moment you are unfolding. Here and now, your presence is needed to experience your soul, and enlighten the truth. So, find out what your instinctive nature is. Until you find out your life – style of body, you cannot come to know the ground of life where you live happy, peaceful, blissful, successful, healthy, and wealthy life.

                   So, learn how to behave with your body; how to talk with your body; how to approach your body; how to experience and enlighten your body and nature. Until you understand your body, you can never enter into your own kingdom of life. To understand your life, you have to understand your body first. Body is not the chemistry. Body is not the chemical exchange. Body is not what you think about it. Whatever you eat and drink, that becomes the presence of your body. To change everything in life, you have to change your eating and drinking methodology first. By changing your fond and drinking habits, you will bring a great revolution in your life style. So, learn how to see and experience your instinctive nature and the spontaneous journey of your body. There is only one way to understand your body. That is service. Until you serve self lessly, you never find out your own self. Unless you serve without expecting anything, you never find out your original door of life. Service means opening yourself to the beyond where you can get the perfection of life to be enlightened here and now. Service appears that you are opening unto others in order to understand, experience and rejoice something. But that is not true. Service means opening towards oneself, using the situation or others as a medium. Service means not something that you give somebody. It means you are rather unfolding the mystery and serve of your original nature of life. That’s why, to be served is to be realized. The whole earth is serving everyone, without expecting anything back. It is just like sharing and caring moment with great love and respect. For your acceptance of its service, the earth feels grateful towards you. That is the greatness of the earth. So, learn how to serve the people. There are five principles to serve the people. 1. Deep acceptance (unconditional acceptance)

Use there five principles what you are serving the humanity and the world. Then, automatically, you will get peace and balance. People often ask me, “Guruji ! What will happen. If I serve what will I gain out of it? What profit I will get, if I serve? What will come. If I serve? If you serve, you will get peace and balance.

                   In the journey of life, one step you have take with peace and another step with balance. You must be aware of yourself and witness to the world while you are taking the two steps. You are not serving means, you have not started yet the journey of true life. There are two kinds of living life styles. One is the artisanal life style. It means, enquiring, planning, gathering information, thinking, analyzing, coming to determination, challenging, competing , doing effort, getting result, and making yourself as a winner in the world. There are nothing but artificial life. You are dragging out yourself more and more into the world, making yourself a victim to the world. You are not living. Only the world in the name of profession, business, politics etc. But you are missing your own flowering, of life. Being artificial means, developing the world more, but not you. You are not developing. The world is developing, the machines are developing. The Science is developing poli—is developing. The business is developing. That which is around you is developing. But you are not developing. The humanity within you is decreasing day by day. You are missing your self in the hands if the world, society, responsibility and challenging competition. So every day, spend sometime for you life with you. Spend sometime with you. Be silent and sit with you. Observe yourself and love yourself. Experience your a- being for some moments and – the change on your consciousness. So, here, the first path is the path of life. That is the earth. The earth means serving all and being one with the existence to enlighten the life moment to moment. You should remember the five principles while serving. Otherwise by serving also, you will develop ego and identification. Then, you will demand respect. You will demand identity and you will demand value. Demanding is ego. Dominating is ego. That is again artificial life.

                   Spiritual life means the life style of spontaneity. The more spontaneous you are, the more you will be enlightened. That is celebrating path of enlightenment. That is called the art of living. So, never demand, dominate and wi—in the name of spirituality. Just be flow, don’t be – a follower. The follower always demands, dominates and criti-- . he simply lives here and now experience peace moment to moment. That is beauty. That is the sweetness of the soul. Service means flowering with consciousness and earning oneself. Service means realizing the truth of everything. So, you need to remember the following five principles moment to moment with you are serving.

  1. Acceptance
  2. Respect
  3. Gratitude
  4. Live
  5. Egolesness

You must apply there five principles to your self when you start the path of service to know the depth and peak of consciousness. Finally, Service means being one with the ocean and becoming the ocean innocence. Only service can awaken the true trust in you to experience your soul. Service awakens your trust. Trust awakens your soul. Soul awakens your soul. Soul awakens your life. Life awakens you and you awaken the whole universe service means connecting with the whole. Service means merging and melting in one self to flower as God. While you are serving, you should be patient. Acceptance will not come to you until you gain patience. So patience is the ground. Acceptance is the step. Respect is the connectivity. Gratitude is reuepheuness--. Love is understanding. Non-ego is the realization. Service means trust. Trust means enlightening oneself. Service is the education of life where one can release oneself as God. First, you have to take care of foundation before you are going to construct a house. Without foundation you can never construct anything in the world. So, to construct your own life, you have to get the foundation of life first. What is foundation? Foundation means patience. Patience gives peace, balance, witness, consciousness and awareness on how to do journey; how experience; and how to enlighten your life. Nobody known about how to be patient. Patience never comes by doing practicing, thinking, learning and changing. It comes only service. So, serve without expecting anything. It is not that much easy to drop that which is not you and that which is not needed to you at all. It is not that much easy to drop you which is not you at all. Even it is highly impossible to drop the death from your own being. You think that you are living. But you are dying moment to moment. First death happens. Then life comes out. Death motivates you to be artificial. It says “ Enjoy the fond; enjoy the drink; enjoy the sleep; enjoy the girls; enjoy the car, bungalow, power, money and all the luxuries whatever are available in the world. You have just come here to have a tour and enjoy the world. Nothing is there is the world expect enjoyment”.

Whatever you do in the spiritual practice, material—practice. Physical practice and mental practice, and mental practice. All these practices bad-- to success. What will come out of success? The output is nothing but happiness. Happiness that we get in the spiritual ground is called sachitananda. Sat.. Chit… Anand. In the materialistic ground, we are getting happiness. But, the happiness what we getting from the world is simply the happiness of destruction. Moment to moment you have to die for that. You will gain some happiness will by spending yourself more. That happiness will come and go. You will become just like a host. The happiness will become your guest. Just like a guest to this world, you will enter unto you, gain some entertainment and enjoyment, and go out. What is left to you is only shadow. There is only vacuum. No happiness. So you purchasing it. You purchasing happiness by spending your life. How many times you will spend like that to get the same life again? You are destroying yourself, destroying your health, wealth, time, age and everything in order ti gain something from the world. It is not from within. It is coming from outside. So, the whole world is nothing but the outside of you. So, whatever you feel and say about happiness – and es—is nothing a force on you. You are forcing yourself to be like that. You are just applying a paint on you.

How many days will the paint be with you? The paint will shade away soon or later. You will come to a point where you fall your originality. If you fare your originality once. If you encounter your self once, you will repent for that. Yes you have destroyed your life of the sake of un necessary principles in your life. You think that you are happy while eating, drinking and enjoying girls. But that happiness is a paint applied on yourself. It has not come from within. It has come from with out. So, understand that there the happiness is a glimpse of something. it is just like a glimpse of thunder bolt. A few seconds It will be there and later it will disappear. But service is not like that. You are unfolding yourself moment to moment while serving. The seed is unfolding as a tree. The tree is unfolding more and more, by giving flowers, fruits, shade and a lot of oxygen. There is not even a single tree in the existence which is not useful. Every moment of tree, every second of tree and everything of the tree is in the service of the world. Being a human, we have to be more and more than trees, animals, birds and all creatures. We are the first kind of human beings in the world. We have to give our entire life for the sake of the world existence; and the whole universe. That is the greatest point of everybody. Every human is the universal being . They represent only for the existence. Their services never reach to the existence their services are limited only to the globe. But the services of human being are beyond globe and the universe.

Our service transforms us a godliness, fragrances of universe and fragrance of consciousness . so we are the perfection of this universe. The universe has got perfection because of us. The universe is getting perfection with us. That’s why we have to spend our life moment to moment in the service of the universe to be enlightened as the service. Only service. Let service be the life. Nothing should be left in our hands expect service. While d— – should disappear. Only the dangling-- – should be left. While painting the should disappear. Only the painting should be left. While playing music, the musician should disappear. Only the music should be left. In the same way while servicing the serve should disappear. Only he service should be best. That’s why the spiritual happiness is quite different from the materialistic happiness. Materialistic happiness is like wearing address. But the inner happiness the inner quality, the inner b--,The inner wisdom and the inner life quite different. Absolutely different. So serve to the beyond not to the below things. If you serve to the beyond, not to the below things. If you serve to the lower you will down. The more you serve to the lower, the more you have to come down.

To serve to the higher, you have to come down. To serve to the higher, you have to go high. You have to develop yourself to reach that point. You have to change yourself to reach the high level. So, while you are serving you how to be aware who you are serving to. Whether you are serving to the lower, higher or middle things. Desermnation--- is must be needed there. You need a channel to serve the entire universe. That’s why the spiritual organization is are living today. They are living because of this motto. So, spirituality is always from with- .it is just like unfolding, not applying something, not activating something, not educating something, not learning something, not changing practicing or doing some effort.: No. this is not spirituality. Spirituality means being some effort spontaneous means being spontaneous to be enlightened as God. Spirituality says that you are God. The world says that you are the leader. Service always brings a great revolution in your consciousness. So, accept the service in your life. Allow the service into your life and become service. Once if you become service, everything will be balanced, everything will be enlightened and everything will be experienced were will be enlightened and everything will be experienced well and realized well. Service unfolds your soul. The body is a channel to serve the world and become enlightened yourself. Channels are not important. Service is important. Every man is channel service purified your mind there is no other way to pure-- say—your mind except service. So, serve more and get puried your mind more.


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