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MahavibhoIs dreaming helpful?

To be dreamed is to be freed. Only dreams help to the man to be enlightened.  No one helps us in the universe as dreams help to us.  But, there is a science of dream.  Dreams are not disturbance to your sleep. They are protective and helpful to sleep. They are saving your health and preventing your sleep from being broken. If you discipline yourself, then you will be here and now on the path of liberation and success.

When you repress and suppress nothing, the dreams disappear. When you leave not anything incomplete, the dreams lose their life. If your meditation goes deep and you start to experience your being, you will immediately find that your dreams becoming less and less.When you attain the life of grace, then the world of dreams will take eternal leave from your life. In addition, they disappear completely and open a new door to new life. When you realize the life of meditation and come to the fruition of experience, then you will attain the Celebrating Path of Enlightenment.


When you use the dreaming conscious as meditation, then the miraculous life happens and it opens the new doors of true perception. When you become the conscious background of your life, then the whole world will become yours. But condition is, not to fall into the identification of the dream world. Just be a witness and remain like mirror .Then suddenly there will be a light of grace of universal emptiness. Then there is no dreaming .only You are.

Let me enter into the science of dream. The dreaming path is the individual conscious evolution path. If you dream consciously, then you will appear in the world of divine. If you dream unconsciously, you will land in the land of mundane world. You are the world of consciousness and the time is the world of unconsciousness. The time and you cannot live and go together. Either you or the time exists. But both cannot exist at a time. The absence of you is the presence of time. The absence of time is the presence of you. Where you end, there the time begins. Where the time ends, there you begin.  Time is the ultimate door to the mundane world. It is the master to the world. Those who are after the time will become the successor of the world. You are the ultimate door to the beyond supreme universal cosmic consciousness center. You are the master to the universe. One who is after oneself will become the emperor of universe. When you go beyond the time and yourself, then you will enlighten the mysterious universal emperor life.

The man thinks that he has only the physical body. But the truth is that we have seven bodies. These are invisible bodies to physical eyes. To experience these bodies, we need the grace. Only the grace gives the eyes to perceive the inner body’s life. Those who are serving and dedicating their life; and praying and meditating for the master or God, will get the life of grace. The complete life happens when we get the grace of master and his inner life of communion. The man flowers perfectly, only in the divine presence of the enlightened one.  Life is available to all  who are available to the life.

 The seven bodies are:-

 The first body:      -      The physical.

The second body: - The etheric.

The third body:    -     The astral                               

The fourth body:  -   The mental.                                            

The fifth body:     -     The spiritual

The sixth body:     -     The cosmic

The seventh body:   - The nirvanic.              

 Each body has its own science of dream. Let me give a little information about each body. I have no enough time to discuss about the total life of all bodies. So please consciously listen to me. Then you will be blessed.

The first body is the physical body. The west knows the physical body as the conscious. The second body is the etheric body. The west knows the etheric body as the unconsciousness. The third is the astral body. The west knows the astral body as the collective unconsciousness. The fourth body is the mental body. The west knows the mental body as the energy body or   the collective consciousness body. The fifth body is the spiritual body. The west knows the spiritual body as the Conscience or the individual conscious ness. The sixth body is the cosmic body. The west knows cosmic body as the supreme atom consciousness. The west has not discovered the seventh body. It is not possible to communicate.

In India, the first body is called as the muladhaara. It is the world of outer and inner. Both worlds begin here. The first body is the meeting of the outer and inner. Here only physical dreams happen.  When you miss the awareness of the present (moment-to-moment life), then the unconsciousness will take place.

Where you live the unconscious moments, those unconscious moments will take birth as the dreams. Whatever you live forgetting your body, that forgotten thing will be remembered again in the dream. The dream is showing you that where you are right and where you are wrong. The dream is indicating your errors. When you live totally, the life of consciousness, then you will not get any error report as the dream solves unsolvable problems. The dream makes the impossible as the possible. If you learn the art of living the body totally, then you will go beyond this first body dreams. If you live the body with out forgetting a single moment, then you will enter into the world of oneness of nature. To be aware the body is, to be gone beyond the body. To be witnessed the body is to be enlightened the body. Just live, consciously moment to moment the body, then the unconscious dreams will be transcended.

The second body is known in India as the swadhistana. It is the world of life and death. The life begins and the death happens here. This body is the meeting of life and death. Not only that, the inner meeting of woman and man happens here. From here, you will start your inner journey. The etheric body can travel in dreams. In the physical body, the dream happens only in the body. That body cannot travel and cannot go beyond the body. But the second body leaves the body and can go out of your body when you are asleep. This body travels in the space. Some times you find in the dream that you have become a specter and something is happening to you or something you are doing. When you wake up, you will say that I dreamed as I was doing like this or like that and I traveled with my friends or beloved. Here, you are watching yourself as the second person. The journey of witnessing life starts from here. This body gives the life of spirituality. The religious and divine life starts from here. You will start to see the presence of miraculous universe of God. If you become conscious of your etheric body dreams, then you will get the transformation and the miracle life.

The physical body dreams happen from the out side world of you. The physical dreams can be created by hunger, thirst, desire, and suffering. It is nothing but the reaction of the body. Where body fails to respond, there the physiological dream can be created. Whatever you think and feel, the burden of life will be unburdened in the world of dream of physical.

The second body is completely different from the first body.  Religious life visions start from this body. The life of total mantra shastra starts from here. To awake the etheric body, the mantra is one of the methods. Through mantra, you can crate the etheric visions, and etheric dreams. If you chant a particular mantra repeatedly in the etheric center, you will be realized the world of etheric. There are so many ways and methods, but the mantra is one of them.

 Different type of interior decoration creates different dreams. The particular perfume creates the particular dream. The particular color creates the particular dream. The way of style of living , talking, and behaving also can create particular dream.

When someone goes deep into the meditation, he will see the etheric body and miraculous things. You will experience the beautiful colors, perfumes, sounds, paints, nature, plants, scriptures, and music unknown. The spiritual visions belong to the etheric body. If you dream the etheric dream consciously using the particular mantra, then you enter into the world of third body.

 For the physical body, the etheric body is unknown and unconscious. For the etheric, the astral body is the unknown and unconscious. Each body is unique and has its own science. The conscious life gives the presence of known world. The unconscious life gives the presence of unknown world. To be lived the conscious life is, to be enlightened. Just live the dream consciously then you will start to live the divine life.

The first body's dream gives the presence of others. The second body's dream gives the presence of you. The physical body lives in the time and space. It cannot go beyond that. The etheric body can travel in space but not in time. The time cannot exist in the etheric body.

 The third body is the astral body. This body is the bank of your past lives. The total history of your past life exists in this body. If you dream consciously, then you will enter into your previous births.  You can travel not only in space, but also in time. The astral body can travel only towards life of past, but not toward future. Your total heath depends on this body. If your health is disturbed, a particular dream will come to you. If you are healthy, a particular dream will come to you. This body gives the total information about the history of your life.

 Third body dreams can be created by music, paintings, sculpture, nature, beauty, sun, moon, candle light, mirror, and fire. The third body meeting is the meeting of the positive energy and negative energy of life. Here world of positive and negative lives happen. If you live consciously this body, then you will get whatever you will. If you live unconsciously this body, then you will become a toy in the hands of positive and negative powers. Your likes and dislikes happen through this body. If you live your life of eyes totally, then you will be entered into the world of mental body.

The first body is connected to the nose. If you observe the nose silently as a witness, then your physical dreams will become true. The second body is connected to the tongue. If you talk only the truth, then whatever you talk it comes true. The third body is connected casino to the eyes. If you witness the light of you always, then whatever you wish, it will come true.

 The fourth body is the mental body. Here, the meeting of lower and higher; prakruti and pursha; sexual and divine happen. The feeling of prayer can awaken this body. If you live the life of feeling consciously, then you will be answered. This body is the presence of God itself. You can get the supreme solution to all of your problems because this body can travel into the past and into the future. The life of awareness takes birth in this body. You will start to witness as it is as you are. Those who are living the life of heart of feeling, they will get the glimpses of the future about them only. When the nearest one or dearest one is dying, the message will be delivered to you even in a ordinary dream if you are tuned totally with your life of feeling. If you are available to God, then the message can be given to you directly. If you are not available, then the dream is the only way to God to communicate with you.

 The dream life is the life of ignorance. The vision life is the life of wisdom. The dream travels from one body to all bodies. That is why you cannot get the right understanding and clarity. You will always be confused by the dream .But if you trust and have love of devotion, then you will get authentic vision of life. Here you will live the life of great understanding and clarity. If you live and dream only the fourth body, then you can penetrate into your own future. But you cannot penetrate into another person’s future. The blessed one's divine life will be started from this body. From this body, you can know the history of past life and the mystery of present and future lives. But you will know at a time only any one direction of past, present, or future time.

The fourth body's world is the world of relaxation, peace, satisfaction, and happiness. If you live your heart, then your fortunate time of life will begin. This body is carrying your meaningful life, successful journey of time, and the message of God. If you dream consciously, then you will get your life into your hand. Then whatever you desire and will that will become true. Your mind will be blessed here.

 The first body's life is the animal life. The second body's life is the human life. The third body's life is the sadhana life. The fourth body's life is the superhuman life. To transform the first body, you need the Hatta yoga and karma yoga. For the second body, you need mantra yoga and Laya yoga. For the third body, you need Bhakti yoga and Tantra yoga. For the fourth body, you need the raja yoga and Sahaja yoga. For the fifth, you need the Dhyana yoga and Taaraka yoga. For the sixth, you need the guru Satsanga yoga and Prema yoga (the yoga of love).

 The fifth body is the spiritual body. You will start from this body the consciousness and playful life. You will cross the individual life and time. From here, you will begin the life of eternity. Dream consciously the fifth body if you want to know about the entire past of the whole existence. Then you will be realized what the religions are preaching and what their scriptures are showing. This body's life is upward and inward.

                              From the first body to fourth body, life is downward and outward. If you live more and more consciously the fifth body's life, the dream will come more nearer and nearer to reality. Here, all religions and men will become one. The Hindu gurus and the Islam gurus have realized the fifth body as the same.

            The journey of fifth body is similar to the journey of first to fourth body. The fifth body is the miraculous body. If you do your inner tourney more and more, then your dream will become more objective, more real, more authentic, and truthful. The world of philosophy and the world of science are the dreams of the fifth body.

 The sixth body is the cosmic body. It is the miraculous body .It is totally the divine body. This body gives yourself to go beyond you. This body gives the life of eternal consciousness. Here, the dreams of cosmic myths can be realized. If you live the life of sixth body, then you will be transcended everything. Those who have dreamt the cosmic life, they have become the creators of the great religions. This body’s dreams belong to the being. Here everything becomes one. It is the world of oneness. In the sixth body, the meeting of the two hemispheres of the brain happens. The Ida and pingala become the sushumna here. The graceful life will be started from here.

 The sixth body gives address of you. Here, you will find the answer to all your questions. The question of you “who am I can be answered here. This body incarnates you. It gives the birth to you. Here, you will become the God unto yourself. You will create your life as your wish because nothing is beyond you. Here, everything is you. The sixth body is the screen of oneness. It is the land of ecstasy. It is true master to your eternal life. Those who realize this body are the blessed ones.

The seventh body is the nirvanic body. This body is the door to the universe of emptiness. This body has its own dreams (the dreams of nothingness, the dreams of emptiness, and the dreams of formless form). Where sound and silence cannot reach, that is the seventh body. This formless form and soundless sound body is the unending and eternal. It is the supreme consciousness. 

 Shreemaa! Just dream the emptiness. Then you will realize all lives of the bodies. When you know the truth of dreaming, then you will live the life as a dream. The dream is the seed of truth. The truth is the flower of dream.  You have freedom and liberty only in the dream. But when you flower from the seed life of dream to the flower life of truth, then you will become the grace.  Only there, you can live complete and perfect life of freedom and liberty. The emptiness is the only God. To be remembered the emptiness is, to be enlightened.

Dream yourself as you are yourself. It helps you realize yourself. The dream is the self-helping path to realize the true life. When you witness the silence, then you will become the message of me.


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