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Full Moon Day Satsang

Full Moon Day Satsung

World means mind, mind means world. There is no difference between the world and mind. Without mind there is no world at all and without world there is no mind at all. There is a meeting point between the world and the mind that is called as a time. So our whole life is nothing but the time if we go on chasing the time every moment. We want the good time, we don’t want the bad time. So the time depends on the energy levels if we had the good energy we can have a good time if we have the bad energy then we will have the bad time. So our time depends on our energy only, it is not as per the world or as per the mind because out of energy mind is created, out of the mind the time is created, out of the time the world is created, out of the world the energy is created, this is the vicious circle in the existence so those who what to develop there positive energy levels or those who what to know there energy levels have to come for the full moon day Satsung. Full moon day is the only source were we get the positive, divine, spiritual, cosmic and enlightened energy,  that is the very natural energy were we can receive, flower, grow and can get the perfection of life naturally in the existence the full moon. It is available to all were ever you are however you are that is not the matter you can definitely feel the full moon and you can experience the full moon. Just being in the presence of the full moon day automatically energy centers can be activated and it can be expanded so that automatically your energy levels will be increased.  So that is called as the full moon day energy.

The full moon day energy needs to every one even it needs to all creatures it needs to all things it needs to everything  whatever existing on the earth. So first everyone has to decide to leave the happy life for the happy life every one need the good energy for positive energy for the positive energy everyone must come for the full moon day satsung or full moon day meditation, workshop so that they can definitely increase their positive energy  and decrease their negative energy so full moon day is the source of positive, spiritual, divine, cosmic and enlightened energy .It is the life energy and life force energy once we sit with the full moon automatically whatever the negative  is accumulated by the world  and which is existing in our self will be removed and destroyed and will be totally white washed for this everyone has to meditate on the full moon day to receive the blessings of the God, because god given this blessings to everyone on this globe just by giving the full moon day to us.

 On the full moon day we can receive the grace of cosmic energy, except the full moon day we don’t have any source to receive the cosmic energy from the existence, whatever you receive without the full moon day the energy is not the cosmic   there is only the process or the progress of the positive   or divine or spiritual energy, originally cosmic energy can be received only by full moon day. In our body there are one hundred and seven (107) energy centers and in our body there are one thousand three (1003) souls, without opening the one hundred and seven (107) souls our one thousand three (1003) souls never be enlightened. When our one thousand three (1003) souls not enlightened our human birth will be wasted. Without that enlightened source our life never be perfect so to live the human being life as perfectly as possible everyone has to enlighten there one thousand three (1003) souls. For that they have to do hard work to open their one hundred seven (107) energy centers. To attain that there is only one source that is the full moon day, on the full moon day if you take the darshan  of the SadGuru and if you sit in the presence of the SadGuru and if you meditate with him automatically you will be connected with the cosmic energy, that cosmic energy will be connected to your all one hundred and seven (107) energy centers by the grace of the master and by the blessing of the master and in the presence of his love. So automatically your souls will be start to flower. At that movement this one hundred and seven (107) energy centers will be activated. Basically everybody energy centers are deactivated, no ones energy centers are activated, all are just in the silent mode, are in the off mode. So now we have to first activate them. For that we need the full moon, without the moon there is no mind, no time , and no physical world at all.

The whole body mechanism and whole mind mechanism depends on the full moon, your power of the mind, intellect , sub intellect, ego and  time everything  depends on full moon only if you want the money ,health, wealth ,happiness, success, satisfaction ,achieving goal, fulfilling dreams ,fulfilling desires fulfilling the physical world  and the spiritual world you need the positive mind, divine mind, spiritual mind ,cosmic mind ,enlightened mind these five minds are the basic minds where we can attain the true self of universe. So to activate our one hundred and seven (107) energy centers we have only one source in this whole universe that is the full moon day on that day if you sit just in the presence of the master a few minutes automatically you will receive the grace of the cosmic you will get the blessings of the master and then one hundred and seven (107) energy centers will be activated.

 The full moon day is only wholly day on the globe except that day nothing is the perfect day people thing and do the festivals on so many days but every festival depends on some event that is not the natural that is not the spontaneous that is not the love to universe that is not designed by god that is designed by the human being so every festival depends on the event of the history or event of the world but the full moon day is the event created by the god it is the greatest occasion and the greatest blessings were one human being can receive the perfect energy and become the perfect human being without receiving this energy no one can become the perfect on this globe. So to become the perfect human being and to live the perfect human being life everyone has to attend the full moon day satsung without that his life never be fulfilled.

This Satsang (Program) is conducted at Hyderabad center by beloved Master Jaimahavibhoshri on every full moon day   evening 6.30pm to 8.20pm.Discourse and different kinds of meditations are taught to enlighten the people.

People come from the long distances to attend this satsang and get the blessings of beloved Master. Afterwards devotees share their unique and great experiences of Aumaujaya Miracles with each and everyone.

Dinner and Prashad distribution will be there to all the devotees.