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Mudra Meditation for Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Jaimahavibhoshri created a new Mudra technique for controlling Blood Pressure and Diabetes. This is a unique Mudra which controls the Blood Pressure and Diabetes in few minutes. Thousands of people got healed by doing this Mudra meditation under the guidance of the well trained instructors.

We have demonstrated this Mudra Techniques by medical equipment which are used to check Blood Pressure and Diabetes. During the session doctors initially measured the Blood Pressure and Diabetes. After doing Mudra Meditation when doctors checked again the Blood Pressure and Diabetes got controlled miraculously to normal level.

Very Easy Method:

Based on the intensity of the BP or Diabetes, instructors will suggest this technique to perform 10 to 15 minutes. This meditation can be done at any place and at any time. You can also do this Mudra Meditation even while walking in the park. The beauty of this Mudra technique is it can control the high or low BP to normal. This Mudra technique directly works on the human nervous system and gives instant results.

Number of Days:

Number of days to do this meditation depends on the intensity of the disease. We usually start the process from 12 days. Based on the results, the 12 days interval will be repeated. We have well trained instructors who will take utmost care to heal the disease.


Our instructors will regularly monitor the status of the disease. A follow up chart will be given to the victims which should be filled daily to know the progress of the ailment.

Medical Check:

  • Patients can check the BP and Diabetes if they have instruments.
  • They can approach the nearest  hospital to check the BP or diabetes level.
  • They can come to our centers daily or weekly to check the BP or diabetes level.

Procedure to follow:

bpdb 1bpdb 2bpdb3bpdb 4Fold the left hand index finger to the left side of the palm as shown in the image. Lock the thumb and index finger 

Hold the wrist with other hand as shown in the figure with the thumb on the open side of the wrist and four fingers on the bottom side of the wrist.

Hold with fingers with little force and take then forward to the middle finger as shown in the image. Similarly repeat the same on all fingers.

Concentration: Middle of the Forehead

Duration: As suggested by instructor of usually 5 minutes left hand and 5 minutes right hand