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Mudra Meditation to get rid of Addictions

Any habit starts as a fun and then down the line it becomes addiction. It is very difficult to come out of any addiction for human being. There are so many addictions like smoking, drinking, playing cards, playing computer games etc. These addictions will become a great hurdle on the path of your success. Many people spend lot of money in these additions.

Jaimahavibhoshri has created a wonderful Mudra meditation which liberates you from any kind of addictions. If you do it sincerely and wholeheartedly  then you will 100% results. We have experimented this Mudra technique on thousands of people.

addictionsConcentration: Feel light in the navel Mudra

Position: In front of heart

Duration: 15 minutes in the left hand and 15 minutes in the right hand

Good Time: Any time

Good to take: Milk + Honey, lemon juice + Honey, millk