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Rushi Dharma Bodha Workshop


Rush Dharma Bodha Workshop is conducted on 2nd Saturday (9am-5pm) of every month. The main objective of this workshop is to reintroduce the ancient wisdom and all kinds of sciences discovered and developed by Indian Rishis & Sages to the modern world. A detailed explanation is given by Jaimahavibhoshri on various topics related to physical, mental, spiritual, and worldly life along with practical Mudras and Meditations to cure all kinds of physical, mental, spiritual, and worldly illnesses; and to resolve all the personal, family, and professional problems. It is a wonderful platform to ask questions and clarify your doubts (specific & general doubts). You are blessed with energy, consciousness, knowledge, love, grace, wisdom, health, happiness, and peace by being in the presence of Sadhguru in the workshop