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Swayambuhu Sadguru Dharma Shastramu



Sadhguru Dharma Shastram


  • Shri Guru Githa explains about the significance of Sadhguru Thathwam. It comprises 351 slokas.
  • Swayam Bhu Aadhiparabramha Sadhguru Paramapoojya Jaimahavibhoshri has shown his grace on us in the form of commentaries on these slokas by revealing their meanings, inner meanings, ultimate meanings, gist, and essence to us in pure and simple language.
  • Swayam Bhu Sadhguru Thathwam which is sacred, marvelous, wonderful, profound, and secret has been disclosed in a simple, easy, clear, and straight language.
  • There is no wonder in saying that the wisdom imparted in the Sadhguru Dharmashasthram, surpasses the expectation of the ordinary people; and satisfies the pundits ,learned people and the people from all walks of life.
  • Jaimahavibhoshri has taught the Sadhguru Dharmashasthram directly, face to face with utmost clarity filled with truth, reality, and impartiality; being a witness in the state of highest awareness and consciousness, with the noble intent of inspiring the humanity towards their Swayam Bhu Thathwam(enlightened and self –illuminating consciousness).
  • Swayambhu Sadhguru sookthulu (aphorisms) have come out from the mouth of Jaimahavibhoshri while having Sadhgoshti(discussion of Truth) with the disciples in His divine Sathsang.
  • Undoubtedly, these Swayambhu Sadhguru sookthulu (aphorisms) awaken consciousness, wisdom, love, witnessing nature, and awareness within you.
  • These golden verses reflect all the angles of our life; all the aspects of our life; and all the life situations, occasions, state, place, positions, essences, and dharmas of the entire humanity.
  • This book is like a Sathya Dharpanam(truth reflecting mirror) to the entire human life.
  • Each and every letter in the book keeps the truth existed in the universe as it is, in front of you.
  • Agreeing with it means agreeing with the truth. It is not that you agree with the writer of the book.
  • Not agreeing with this book means, not agreeing with the truth. It is not that you don’t agree with the writer of this book.
  • Out of compassion towards the humanity, Jaimahavibhoshri has introduced the Viswadharmam (the universal truth) as it is to the universe, for the first time in the scientific and yogic way through the Yoga Dharmam (yogic seeing).