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Aumaujayaa Vishwa Mahila Seva Samithi ( AVMS )

Aumaujayaa Vishwa Mahila Seva Samithi ( AVMS ) is a serving committee created for women to awaken their inner spirits. Jaimahavibhoshri teaches them about the Indian customs and traditions and conducts spiritual awakening lecturers. Jaimahavibhoshri teaches then to live happy life with their families as well as with society. Thousands of women are benefited by joined the AVMS.

Goals of AVMS:

  • Power of conciliation
  • Power of manners
  • Power of unity
  • Power of equality


The main goal of AVMS is to awaken all the above powers in women and promoting the ideology of a complete, modern and progressive women. Vishwa Mahila means:

  • Omkaara Shakti
  • Prakruti Shakti
  • Shri Vidhya Shakti
  • Para Vidhya Shakti
  • Para Shakti and
  • Satya Shiva Sundara Shakti


Vishwa Mahila is the creator of the best family, best society, best country, best human being and the best world.

  • The main goal of AVMS is to let every women know about their potentiality, ability, talent, art and specialty. Jaimahavibhoshri gives them a proper personality development training and transforms them as a complete women.
  • AVMS workshop is conducted by Parama Sadguru Jaimahavibhoshri every first Sunday.

AVMS members are welcoming the devotees who came to attend the workshop.

Female Devotees doing Mudra Dhyan in the presence of Jaimahavibhoshri

Mudra Natyam in the presence of Jaimahavibhoshri